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Spark pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S8 now open

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are now available for pre-order from Spark. They’re even throwing in a bonus for the first pre-orders of 50% extra data for six months, (presuming you’re on a pay monthly plan) and a free 256GB storage card for the phone. The cards would run you about $400 normally, so it’s pretty enticing if you’re a Samsung fan waiting for the new phone.

Spark has said that customers ordering prior to April 27th will receive their shiny new phone from April 28th - about a week before the official launch date of May 5th.

Clive Ormerod, Spark Gm of marketing, is delighted to work with Samsung to bring the phone to eager customers early and says the two companies are a perfect match. If you don’t enjoy shameless plugs, look away now.

“We really feel that when you combine the power of the Spark network and the capability of the Samsung S8, amazing things can happen,” he says. He went on to describe some of the features from the phone that synchronise well with what Spark offers their customers.

“When the S8’s stunning end-to-end Infinity Display meets Lightbox, that’s an incredible viewing experience. Or when free Spotify Premium meets the S8’s water resistance and fast charging, that’s less time waiting around and more time doing the activities you love with a killer soundtrack. Or when the S8’s Desktop Extension feature meets Spark’s amazing 4G network, that’s a fully-connected desktop experience from almost anywhere you find yourself.”

It will be interesting to see if the delay of Samsung’s voice controlled assistant, Bixby, affects pre-order numbers. They announced recently that the launch of their answer to Apple’s Siri would be delayed until some time after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, with no clear reason. While a minor setback, people are no doubt going to be on alert after Samsung’s infamous exploding Note 7 debacle.

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