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Spellforce 2

Publisher: Auran      Developer: Phenomic      Expected: 15th May 2006    Players: 1      www: spellforce.com

In Spellforce 2 - Shadow Wars, the player must prevent the world of Eo and its many races from being overrun by a sinister new enemy. You will be able to solve quests and overcome obstacles as in classical RPGs, but also experience strategic challenges while leading armies as in an RTS - hopefully offering gamers a complete blend of both genres.
Represented by a personalised avatar, you will try to resist the invasion of the Pact, forcing you to forge new alliances to oppose them. But you soon realise that even more sinister forces are at work right within your own body. You will lead each one of three factions, The Realm, The Clans and The Pact and build bases to gather resources and rally troops - to prepare for the epic battles that are the hallmark of SpellForce! You will also be supported by a band of heroes who are customisable with a multitude of unique skills, spells and a great variety of items, weapons and armour. This game is not only beautiful, but an epic experience that should impress any fantasy RPG fan.

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