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Spin doctors

There are plenty of great ways to listen to music online – grooveshark.com, www.audiolizer.com and music.napster.com to name just three.
But what about making those slamming tunes yourself? Surprisingly, there are precious few ways to actually make your own songs online; fewer still those that actually give you a professional-sounding result.
Enter www.audiotool.com Audiotool is a powerful DJ-ing program that allows you to use samples, sequencers and effects to create complex and professional sounding dance music – all virtually and without downloading a thing.
If you’re acquainted with DJ-ing in the real world, you’ll find the Audiotool interface very familiar. The in-browser workspace looks exactly like a real-world set-up, with cables, patches and effects pedals laid out in sequence in front of you.
If you’re unfamiliar with DJ-ing however, the learning curve will probably feel a little steep. If you find yourself immediately lost, check out the tutorials at www.audiotool.com/tutorials These will show you how to get started and familiarise yourself with the basics of working with loops and automation.
Alternatively, you can also use other people’s tracks for inspiration and start your own opus by remixing other members’ work.
Once you’ve got something you’re happy with, you can create a mix-down and download it in high quality Ogg/Vorbis format.

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