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Spotlight shines on female gamers

By Brendan Kelly, 07 May 2013
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Female gamers are to be the subject of a new documentary successfully funded by Kickstarter funding.

The documentary has been given the working title GTFO: A Film About Women in Gaming and is an attempt to chronicle the abuse female gamers receive every day.

Filmmaker Shannon Sun-Higginson says the documentary will include the opinions and experiences of a diverse range of gamers and experts.

“GTFO is a film exposing the harassment of women in video games. It features gamers, bloggers, scholars, developers, and other experts,” and was inspired by the “abuse that many female gamers and other industry figures endure on a daily basis.”

Originally asking for $20,000 to complete the project, the Kickstarter fund has reached almost $25,000 with three days left to run.

The website for the Kickstarted can be found here as well as more information about the film.

Sun-Higginson likens gender discrimination in the gaming community to any other sort of prejudice.

“The fact remains that this is a real problem, and it’s time that the non-gaming public know about it.

"Nobody should have to endure being called a derogatory term simply because of their gender (or race, religion, or sexual orientation for that matter).”

One of the images on the Kickstarter page is a screenshot of a message sent to a female gamer that simply reads “get back in the kitchen”, exactly the kind of treatment this documentary aims to throw into the spotlight.

While I do understand it is difficult finding acceptance in the gaming community as a female gamer, I have little first-hand experience in the matter.

So, female gamers of Techday – how do you feel you are treated by the gaming community as a whole? Is there discrimination, and what form does it take? Give us your opinions in the comment section below.

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