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Star Conflict: Engineer Evolved, could this update change the minds of a disgruntled player base?
Mon, 3rd Jul 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Star Conflict is an action-packed, massively multiplayer space simulation game that puts players in the role of elite pilots engaged in widespread interplanetary skirmishes.

StarGem Inc. and Gaijin Entertainment released the ‘Engineer Evolved' update for this sci-fi action MMO, which adds the third class of player-customisable ‘evolution' ships, introduced to the game earlier this year.

The new Waz'Got engineering frigate shares the same degree of customisability as its predecessors, allowing it to be multiple different ships at once.

By evolving the hull of the Waz'Got and equipping it with a wide selection of weapons and modules, pilots will be able to design a vessel that perfectly matches their preferred style of play.

Especially distinctive for the Waz'Got are its special modules.

Offensive-minded players will enjoy scavenger drones, a module that allows the ship to collect the remains of destroyed vessels to create drones, which will not only protect the mothership from enemy attacks, but also repair damage sustained in combat.

Key Features
  • A fleet at your fingertips.

Take command of varied battleships, from nimble scouting ships to heavy frigates loaded with guns and rockets.

  • Survival in outer space.

Players can undock from the station and travel around a vast open space.

Players can complete quests, collect valuable items, craft ships and meet other players to fight or team up with.

  • Choose your path.

Each ship can be used for strategic missions to investigate an area, hunt enemies from the shadows, or gain support from allies.

  • Alliance system. 

Players can form an alliances with friends to create a deadly squadron of elite pilots.

Despite the broad spectrum of features the game offers to space lovers, there is a fair bit of controversy surrounding the ‘free-to-play' payment model.

Players who have been playing since the game's launch have been complaining that the title has become increasingly pay-to-win with the release of each new update.

There have been instances of ships bought with real money being able to obliterate almost any ship that free-to-play players have levelled up with real time and effort.  

This begs the question, will this new update continue to bewilder players?

The update is only a few days old and only time will tell how well it is received by the playerbase.