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Steve Jobs Android ad: homage or horror?

03 Feb 2012
FYI, this story is more than a year old

A Taiwanese tech company has been accused of crossing the line by promoting their Android-based tablet in an ad featuring an impersonator wearing Steve Jobs’ iconic jeans/turtleneck combo.

Although Jobs isn’t mentioned by name, the ad leaves no doubt it’s him, even adding a halo and wings to acknowledge his passing in October last year.

Jobs was vociferously against Android, and even fans of the operating system are saying the promo is in bad taste.

At one point the actor even says, "Thank God I get to play with other tablets.”

A spokesperson for the company, Action Electronics, told Reuters that "Steve Jobs always promoted things that were good for people, Apple products, so his image can also promote other things that are good.”

What do you think of the ad – cross-cultural error or cringe-inducing disaster? Post your comments below.

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