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Stop smoking with Quitbit...

By Shannon Williams, 19 May 2014
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Need to quit smoking? There’s new nifty tool out there that could help you out.

There are heaps of quit-smoking apps out there, or you could just ring Quitline (apparently Quitline is quite effective), but a lot of people prefer something they can hold in their hand (much like a cigarette, in fact) or physically use to help them with their addictions.

Quitbit is a new product that was launched last week, and is a pocket lighter that uses a heating coil to light your cigarette.

What it does on top of a normal lighter, however, is that it keeps track of each time you light up, and logs that data in an accompanying app, exactly like all those awesome fitness trackers out there.

Users can set custom plans to cut back on how much you’re smoking at whatever pace you feel comfortable. You can seehow much money you’ve saved too, which is a great incentive.

The lighter also reveals the time since you last lit up and how much you smoked within a certain amount of time.

The Quitbit, which also works with e-cigarettes or the patch, was developed by two friends who wanted an easy way to track the quitting process.

Whether you want to quit or not is up to you, but keeping the Quitbit in your pocket will have the same affect of wearing a fitness wristband tracker, and might be the constant reminder you need to get you to cut down.

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