07 Aug 2015
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Stop whinging about the DVD player app for Windows 10

By Patrick Pilcher

The folks at the rather excellent Gizmodo Australia gadget blog appear to have gotten out of the wrong side of the bed this morning, and are having a whine about the fact that Windows 10 can't play DVDs unless you install  third party DVD player app.

The issue that appears to have got Giz’s pants bunched up is the fact that Microsoft are charging US$15 for their DVD-playing app from the Windows 10 App Store.

This is bizarre for several reasons. Firstly, most Gizmodo readers are fairly tech savvy and as such have probably long ceased using shiny round DVD discs.

Secondly, most people know that VLC (which is completely free), can also do a great job playing DVDs.

Mpeg 2 licence fees are a little on the steep side - especially when you’re giving an OS away for free, so who can blame Microsoft for not wanting red ink to appear in their ledger books as they make Windows 10 available to the entire planet.

If playing movies/TV shows on a Windows 10 equipped PC is something you want to do, check out VLC media player - it’s free and works with most media. 

Failing that, feeding your binge viewing habit can be as easy as checking out the plethora of video streaming services that have popped into existence.

Quickflix, easyyflicks, Neon, Lightbox, iTunes, Google and Microsoft’s own video service are all reasonably priced. All you need is a broadband connection (and a decent data allowance - unlimited is better) plus a webbrowser.

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