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Stuntman Ignition Preview – PS3

Stuntman Ignition is not your average driving game. Stuntman Ignition is a game all about being a stuntman. You get to work as a stuntman using the ‘Career Mode’ option which puts you in the driver’s seat, literally. You’re rated on a series of stunts that you have to perform for the director of a big, blockbuster movie (including jumps and ‘drifting sequences’) and with each successful stunt you perform, you’re given a rating that works towards your overall ‘Movie Star’ ranking at the end of each sequence. There are several different game modes to choose from including multiplayer and ‘Constructor’ mode where you can even create your own stunts!
I enjoyed the career mode the best and found the game play challenging and exciting, even if you don’t particularly like games that focus on driving.
Stuntman Ignition releases on the 28th of September in New Zealand.

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