Subway goes mobile

01 May 11

Yep, it’s official, you can now take your love for SUBWAY to a new level with the SUBWAY app for cell phones.
New Zealand’s largest fast food chain first launched the app back in August of 2010, but it was still in its early stages and only worked on certain phones. Now it’s back, replete with new features, and is available for iPhone, Java and Windows 7 platforms, and Android operating systems, and is the first national loyalty card available on mobile in New Zealand.
SUBCARD Manager, Jo Reynolds, explains that the app can do everything from find SUBWAY locations, order your meal, pay using preloaded cash, redeem special offers (which will be sent directly to mobile customers), and earn loyalty. "If you have a SUBCARD gift balance you’ll be able to place your order and pay for your meal using your mobile. Now there’s no need for your wallet – you’ll simply swipe the QR code on your smart phone,” she says.
The SUBWAY App is free to download from smart phone app stores, or by texting SUBWAY to 5757.
It seems like the only thing left that your smart phone can’t do is make your meal itself. Maybe that’s next? We remain hopeful...

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