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Summer Fun!

School’s out! Make the most of the summer sun by checking out the outdoor activities in your part of town. Kidspot lists a bunch of locally arranged activities at tinyurl.com/yg54w8q. You can browse by category of activity and then by region. The categories include aquatic centres and pools, events and live shows, and outdoor venues and activities.
But you don’t necessarily need pre-arranged activities to get the most out of summer; you can make your own fun! And the beach is the perfect playground. Childparenting.com (tinyurl.com/yz4j6pj) details a number of fun beach games, such as how to set up a treasure hunt, wave racing, and how to set up a game of beach darts, among others. Howstuffworks.com also features a “sand memory” game (tinyurl.com/ylkrd46) and other beach fun. Surefish.co.uk offers an interesting insight into rockpooling, and also how to “play beach skittles” (tinyurl.com/yb5tnnw).
And what can top the Kiwi classic, beach cricket? If you live in Auckland, there are a number of organised beach cricket activities in Takapuna, Browns Bay and Milford over summer (tinyurl.com/y9qvstx). But you can always organise your own game with a few friends – just take a look at these rules: tinyurl.com/yhnu2or.
For those lucky enough to have a swimming pool, About.com features a range of games to help make taking a dip just that little bit more fun. Among the games included are ‘sharks and minnow’ and ‘slot water polo’ (tinyurl.com/ykquoh6).
Enjoy your holidays, and most importantly of all, be safe! Make sure that you’re always supervised by an adult when playing the water games, wear lots of sun block and always swim between the flags when you’re at the beach. 

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