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Surprise! Pokemon GO is alive and well

Mon, 2nd Oct 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Let's not pretend, we have all heard of the rise and fall of Pokemon GO, it started as a global sensation and then slowly it faded until most of us thought it was dead.

I have a long history with the game, as I started playing a few weeks after the initial release, like most people I was hooked.

Within two months I had walked over 60 kilometres and caught or evolved around 85% of the Pokemon.

It was around this time I started to realise that there wasn't much else to do, I was tired of seeing Pidgeys and Zubats and there wasn't really any reason to capture gyms or talk to other players.

It was also around this time that I started playing less until eventually, I stopped.

Nearly a year passed and I thought the craze had completely died, so when my girlfriend told me that she was playing it now, I thought she was completely alone.

So I took to my true calling once again, upon starting I decided to create a new account so that the prospect of catching a Zubat was exciting once more.

I was immediately blown away when I saw all of the new features, including the expanded roster of Pokemon.

The second-gen Pokemon were popping up all over my map and it rejuvenated my desire to catch em all.

I played three hours every day for the next week to catch up with my girlfriend and when I reached level 15 it dawned on me that gyms have a purpose now.

The prospect of catching a legendary sucked me in, and last weekend my girlfriend and I finally took part in our first big raid.

I had my three top Pokemon ready to go, Magmar, Mantine and Croconaw.

I thought we were in for an uphill battle because surely no more than two other people would show up to the raid.

Yet, when we arrived at the gym, which is located at a nature reserve, I noticed something strange.

The parking lot was full, on a rainy day.

My girlfriend and I looked at each other in disbelief, surely not all of these people were here for the raid.

Yet as we approached, we realised that 40 plus people had shown up to do battle with us.

Now at this point, we were getting soaked, a stranger offered us a seat in his car and like the two rebels we are, we leapt at the dry comfort of his vehicle.

We giggled and chatted with our benefactor as the minutes ticked down to the big battle, and as we reached the final countdown I took a look around me to see countless eyes locked to their screens.

The tension was high, this would be a hard fight.

Now I admit, I felt a little outgunned by the other players who were all taking on the beast with their Dragonites and Gyarados'.

Regardless the battle was not easy as nearly half of my Pokemon were knocked out, but when we won everyone in the area lit up with excitement.

Then swiftly the air got serious again as everyone attempted to capture the defeated legendary.

Neither my girlfriend or I were lucky enough to get our hands on it, but I can guarantee we will be back there next weekend for another go.

I am hooked again and now I do feel like there is a purpose to training all of my Pokemon.

All I can say is Pokemon GO is alive and well my friends.

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