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Tanks take to tables in latest Vita release

The latest releases for the PS Vita’s Augmented Reality (AR) line will introduce trophies and use the console’s new technology to its utmost.

The AR line is the Vita’s answer to PlayStation Minis, but while most of those are cheap and relatively nasty, the Vita looks to be doing a pretty good job.

Table Top Tanks, the latest release, utilises the rear-facing camera of the Vita to turn a regular table into a warzone using the AR cards included with the console.

On-screen, the cards become bases from which tanks emerge, jets zoom overhead, and you get to work destroying everything in sight. Wicked.

The bite-sized game also includes a campaign and multiplayer, with classic modes like capture the flag and survival.

I have to say, when the PS Vita was released I was a little sceptical – it was fiddly and you had to touch the screen and what-not. It was all too much for me. But this sort of innovation and the use of the technology at hand is impressive, and the game even includes trophy support. 

You can even alter the maps – put a can on the table and watch enemy tanks go around it as part of the terrain. 

Other new titles coming soon include Cliff Diving and Table Football. Table Top Tanks will be available for download from the PlayStation Store on May 22, for $3.90. 

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