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Telecom CEO praises analogue phone response

Wed 2 Mar 2011
FYI, this story is more than a year old

A day after the earthquake struck Christchurch, Telecom began a campaign asking New Zealanders to donate old landlines

You may have seen the TV ad?

The public could donate their old analogue landline phones at any Telecom retail shop for them to be sent to Christchurch and given to people without power.

Corded analogue phones plug straight into a jack-point and don’t require mains power. 

Telecom CEO Paul Reynolds (pictured) has said that the company received a huge response to the request. 

Coming via a Telecom tweet, Reynolds said the company saw a "fantastic response to requests for analogue phones & I’d like to say huge thank you to all of Kiwis who have contributed.”

Telecom says that New Zealanders have now donated almost 10,000 of the older, analogue phones. 

"We now have enough to satisfy the demand so thank you to everyone who donated a phone,” the company said. 

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