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Telecom hosts Dotcom's Mega site
Mon, 8th Jul 2013
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Telecom now hosts Kim Dotcom's Mega site, a move which will see Gen-i account for around 10% of the website's capacity.

Revealed by Mega CEO Vikram Kumar to NBR Online, the telco division has been hosting the service for a week, with the site previously being hosted solely by Cogent Systems in Germany.

Launched on January 20 this year amid a sea of media publicity, the site signalled the rebirth of Megaupload, which was taken down by US officials in 2012.

Before announcing the website, Dotcom assured customers of two protection plans, designed to ensure their files we safe.

Aside from encrypting files, the site operates a distributed network system across Germany, Luxembourg and New Zealand, meaning in time, users will be protected from losing data should any government decide to close the site.

“Our goal is to have each file stored on at least two storage nodes in different countries,” Kumar tells NBR, although he insists this is not currently in practice.

“At this stage, with rapid growth and constrained financial resources, this has not yet been achieved.

"Mega recommends that people have another or backup copy of their files.

"This could be on a person's own computer or another cloud storage provider.”

In what has been a busy week for the website, Dotcom also revealed a new Mega Android app, with an iOS option set to be available within a few weeks.