27 Jun 2012
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Telecom launches its own Android music store

By Mike Borgfeldt

Telecom has launched a special music store app for its Android customers, inviting users to download songs and albums direct to their mobiles – and from there to their PCs and other devices – and pay via their phone accounts.

The telco says over one million songs are currently available via the free app, including a selection of kiwi music.

Unfortunately, in addition to paying for the music – between $1.45 and $2.45 per song, and $12.95 and $21.99 per album – users will also have to cover the cost of the data if they’re not around a wi-fi connection. Telecom says most songs will weigh in at around 1MB per minute of music, and previews will be around 500KB.

The cost will show up on monthly bills in the case of post-paid customers, and be removed directly from account balances in the case of pre-paid customers.

Telecom mobile product portfolio GM, Ed Hyde, says all songs are DRM-free and ‘perfectly legal’.

"We are proud to be the first carrier in the New Zealand market to deliver an Android Music Store app,” Hyde says.

The app was developed in conjunction with US-based Livewire Mobile, and is compatible with devices running Android 2.0 and above.

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