08 Mar 2012
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Telecom looks to remove roaming uncertainty

Telecom is looking to solve the problem of uncertainty around data roaming with the launch of a new Data Smart Caps service.

Starting today, users who want to limit their data usage can select a threshold from four dollar values: $150, $250, $500, $1000. Usage will be automatically capped at this amount, and users will be sent an SMS message to let them know when they’ve reached their limit. They will then have the option of increasing their data cap if needed.

As an additional reminder, the service will also send notifications when the user passes 2MB, 60MB and 100MB of international data usage. National data usage is not counted.

As an additional aid, Telecom has also introduced an app that allows customers to check roaming rates and troubleshoot roaming queries, available now for Android and coming soon for iOS.

There is also an ‘unlimited’ setting, and all business customers will be unlimited by default.

Telecom was grilled just a day ago for charging a customer $2000 for 70MB of data. The new system will help make sure these sorts of mishaps are avoided in future.

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