FutureFive NZ - Telecom set for UFB network launch?

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Telecom set for UFB network launch?

Through numerous emails, countless phone calls, a message in a bottle and a game of chinese whispers - Telecom may be launching a limited UFB network on March 28.

While no official media invites have been distributed to the press yet, Techday investigations suggest the launch will be purely in Chorus areas, bringing telco competition to the boil.

Then CEO Chris Quin revealed in August last year of it's plans to offer UFB to customers "in the early part of 2013", so with this in mind an announcement is no real shock.

Yet it's location, in predominantly Chorus areas could causes a few rumbles in the jungle.

"We have being supplying UFB for a year now and supply all areas," says Quentin Reade, head of Brands and Communications, Orcon.

Yet Reade wasn't in a position to comment further, preferring to wait until any announcement is made before offering his views and that of his company - a wise man.

But the rumours, which they inevitably are at this stage, do appear to have credibility, meaning it will be a case of playing the waiting game until Telecom shows it's hand.

But with the Chorus launching UFB in four additional cities across New Zealand in January, Telecom needs to pull it's proverbial finger out to catch up, so to speak.

Residents and businesses in the Invercargill, Wanganui, New Plymouth and Tauranga areas now join 13 other areas capable of accessing the new fibre-optic network.

But will Telecom add any locations to that list? Or is chinese whispers no longer an accurate source of journalism? Tell us your thoughts below

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