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Telecom to sell Sky alongside home lines

Telecom and SKY have announced a deal to enable the telco to sell television services alongside home line, mobile and broadband products. 

Alan Gourdie, Telecom's retail chief exec said the new agreement will strengthen the company‚Äôs bundle products with new triple and quadruple play offerings.

"We currently have a number of customers receiving their SKY Basic package through Telecom and we are very pleased to be extending that SKY offering, so all SKY products and services can be made available to our home customers," said Gourdie.

"With television services becoming more widely accessible through faster broadband speeds, continuing our partnership with premium content providers like SKY makes sense," said Mr Gourdie.

SKY chief executive John Fellet said the deal made sense for consumers. "The new agreement gives Telecom the ability to bill for the whole suite of SKY services, something I'm sure customers will find both convenient and good value."

Announcements about the pricing and timing of Telecom's new SKY packages will be made available closer to launch and Telecom customers with existing packages will be contacted regarding the options.

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