FutureFive NZ - TelstraClear crunches unmetered weekend numbers

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TelstraClear crunches unmetered weekend numbers

TelstraClear has released the usage figures for its unmetered weekend, calling the response to its temporary removal of data caps a ‘frenzy’ of downloading and uploading.

Customers used two and a half times more data overall compared with the previous weekend, TelstraClear says, with total usage reaching 359TB. 

Those on the cable network enjoyed the most improvement, with their usage jumping from 76TB to 232TB.

TelstraClear head of consumer markets, Steve Jackson, says independent broadband measurement company TrueNet found average speeds ranged from 3.3MBps to 7MBps during the promotion, with ‘a limited number of outages’.

"We made substantial increases in our national and international capacity before the weekend,” Jackson says, "and put further capacity in place when the demand exceeded this.

"We acknowledge that some customers were unhappy with their internet experience, just as we note that many have reported they didn’t mind slower speeds because they were able to use far more data than they otherwise would.”

Some customers reported downloading more during the weekend than their entire 30GB monthly cap.

"We will analyse the feedback and other data before making decisions on this or future broadband promotions,” Jackson concludes.

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