Tenchu Z Preview – Xbox 360

01 Aug 07

Ninja games are always fun to play. I don’t know of anyone that wouldn’t enjoy a well developed game about Ninja. With an extremely authentic and polished look and wonderfully designed backgrounds and environments, Tenchu Z is one of the better Ninja games I’ve had the pleasure of playing.
I’ve also played the Shinobido series of Ninja games and Tenchu Z has it all over Shinobido. For starters, you can choose which gender to play! Yes, finally – female Ninja! Secondly, the missions are very clearly organised and designed so you don’t find yourself wondering what to do next or where to go. And finally, weapons are easy to master without having to spend hours in training learning how to use them.
The voice acting is also top notch utilising authentic Japanese voice actors (with subtitles) and moving and dramatic traditional Japanese music to generate a very authentic gaming experience. If you’re a Ninja game fan, you can’t go wrong with Tenchu Z.

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