FutureFive NZ - The adventures of Apple’s Thin Thin iPhone 6…

Warning: This story was published more than a year ago.

The adventures of Apple’s Thin Thin iPhone 6…

Apple is creating an incredibly thin iPhone 6, set to be a mere 6 millimetres in thickness.

That’s if you believe the latest rumours of course, coming from South Korean publication ET News.

But with the iPhone 5S, branded as Apple’s most forward-thinking iPhone, only four months old, is it too soon to be second guessing Cupertino’s design team?

“Apple's next-generation iPhone is currently known to be under development, which is expected to be released this year, the center will be very thin, the thickness of the product claims have emerged,” the report, which was translated to English, claims.

“In addition, using the weight of the metal material case reportedly is expected to increase slightly.”

Labelled as the “iPhone Air”, the report also claims the trimmed down device will command an increase fee, but at present nothing has been officially confirmed by Cupertino, nor by any of America’s top tech websites.

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