The brains behind the Samsung Galaxy S5...

25 Feb 14

Samsung is going back to basics with the launch of its new flagship Galaxy S5 this morning, as revealed by the tech giant’s President and Head of IT & Mobile Communications Division, JK Shin.

Unveiled to the watching world at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, a selection of key Samsung innovators offer their perspectives on the most anticipated smartphone of the year so far…

“When it came time to develop the new Galaxy S5, we decided it would help us to understand exactly what features our customers want, need and use the most,” says Daniel Yoon, Global Product Planning Group, Samsung Electronics.

“We asked them what really matters in their everyday lives, and actively applied this feedback to help us create a device we feel will fits perfectly into anyone's life.”

“Our biggest challenge with every new generation of a device is effectively incorporating the latest trends while maintaining and enhancing our product identity,” says Dong Hun Kim, Product Design Group, Samsung Electronics.

“Our team worked to ensure the Galaxy S5 reflected the latest trends in high-end fashion through its color, materials, and details, while also staying true to our visual identity. ”

“People want a high-quality yet easy-to-use camera built into their smartphones so that they can snap, edit and share like a pro,” says Ki Hyoung Son, Camera R&D Group, Samsung Electronics.

“With the Galaxy S5 we were able to incorporate all of these needs without sacrificing the device’s design, style and general functionality.”

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