The Crew is now racing in December

08 Oct 14

Ubisoft has now needed to delay the racing game The Crew as it now has a new release date in December.

The Crew had a release date previously in November, but will now have a universal worldwide release of December 2nd. The game had to be pushed back to allow Ubisoft to polish up the game based on feedback they had received from fans.

The delay of the game means there will be another console beta planned for The Crew in November for PS4 and Xbox One. This will give Ubisoft even more feedback that will help them make the game as good as possible.

“Our philosophy remains to deliver the best game possible. We’re all committed to delivering a revolutionary experience in the driving genre and we can’t wait for The Crew to be in the hands of the players.” says Julian Gerighty, Creative Director.

The Crew will be available for the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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