The games of E3 - EA

15 Jun 10

At the time of writing EA’s press conference was taking place. EA first presented Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, which is in development by Criterion and due for release on November 16th. The game’s creative director, Craig Sullivan, told the audience that the franchise will be reimagined for a “connected generation”. There will be a strong emphasis on an ‘Autolog’ feature, which will alert gamers as to which of their friends are online and which records and tracks ‘belong’ to them. Players will go through a career mode as both a racer and a cop.

Also demonstrated was the eagerly anticipated Dead Space 2, of which little has been revealed until now. Dead Space 2 will take place on a city known as “The Sprawl”, which is completely overrun by Necromorphs. The first gameplay footage to be shown consisted of the game’s protagonist, Isaac, battling hordes of Necromorphs in the Church of Unitology. The footage showcased an array of weapons and ended with a cliffhanger, with the promise that viewers will find out how it ends at the Sony presentation tomorrow. Presently there is speculation that Dead Space 2 may be revealed as a Sony exclusive. Dead Space 2 is scheduled for release on January 25th.

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