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The glooo

This funky device lets you check the weather, catch up on the news and stay connected with friends and other contacts all in one. Now we know what you’re thinking, "I can already do all of that with my blackberry/smartphone,” but this is different.
Still a prototype at the moment, the GLOOO, created by Russian expat designer, Igor Polyakov, is a globe-shaped world browser and communicator. It uses a laser keyboard and e-paper technology to communicate with other people around the world and can be controlled using a touch ball, built-in camera, speakers and a microphone, which also makes video chat possible.
With the GLOOO, you can view the current state of the planet (such as global warming effects), check the weather, read news headlines and find contacts anywhere across the globe.
Above all, this device looks really cool and is sure to be a point of conversation if you have it sitting on your desk!

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