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The Outer Worlds (Switch): A great game but a terrible port
Fri, 26th Jun 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

The Outer Worlds was originally released at the end of 2019 on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The game was very well received, particularly since it had a Fallout feel to it.

Even though it wasn't the best-looking game, it had a unique charm about it. I was excited when the Nintendo Switch port was announced, as the Switch is missing a game of this style. Does the Switch port do the original game justice?


Anyone that was excited about this Switch port was waiting to see how the graphics will turn out. We were right to be worried, as this is the side that really pulls this game down.

On the Xbox One and the PS4, the game looked decent enough. Players could explore the world and face a decent number of enemies and creatures. We all expect any Nintendo Switch port to take hits in the graphics department, but The Outer Worlds graphics were worse than I thought they would be.

The downgrades in graphics on the Nintendo Switch took away everything nice about the world.  Details such as the sky were completely removed. Grass, trees and mountains all looked horrible Like the team forgot to actually finish them. The textures are all muddy and the colours are dull.  While some may argue that this was the only way to make it happen, we know from other open-world games like The Witcher 3 or Skyrim that it could've definitely looked better.

The developers were aiming for 1080P with 30 FPS in docked mode and 720P with 30 FPS in handheld mode. While that was mostly true, there are some dips in the frame rate that are very noticeable, especially in the open areas of the game. The game does a better job at rendering the scenes and holding frame rates when you are inside a building or a closed area. The game is also blurrier in handheld more than it is in docked mode.


The main story of The Outer Worlds starts with you playing as “the stranger”. You were awakened and supposedly saved from a ship called “the hope” by a scientist called Phineas Welles. This scientist tells you that he needs to save everyone else as well, but he used the last of his resources on you. He wants you to go to a certain colony and gather resources. The colony is based in a district ran by “the board” which is a corrupted corporation that you have to fight off.

After this point, the story can go on in different directions depending on your choices. You spend your time jumping between different planets in the galaxy doing quests. These quests can be main ones or side quests. The quests can make you question the integrity of the scientists and the board at some stages, which makes your choices more interesting.

The side quests in The Outer Worlds were one of the best parts of the game. They tell smaller stories about different characters, which made the overall game more interesting. It kept me engaged and it also made me want to play the game again to make sure I discovered all the little secrets of this world.

Another great feature would be the choice on how to upgrade your character's abilities. You choose the areas you want to progress in through a levelling system. You can choose from things like ranged weapon attacks, speech, and stealth. I personally chose to update my Speech and stealth as I enjoy being the witty character. I also wanted to avoid unnecessary combat.

The game also has a companion system that allows you to meet NPCs, bond with them, and then add them to your party. You can increase that bond level and use it to your advantage in battle. Throughout the story, you can also upgrade and obtain weapons and armour.


The game as story, concept and play mechanics is great. It is one of those games that you want to play through multiple time to truly experience everything it has to offer. With that being said, the graphics are a big letdown. Around 5 hours in, your eyes will adjust to the graphics, but you will still feel like you would rather be playing it on another system.