FutureFive NZ - The Techday Weekender - Aug 4th 2012

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The Techday Weekender - Aug 4th 2012

Experts from all sides of the globe continue to debate the 'facts' of the case, or lack of facts in Samsung's case - with the South Korean company feeling somewhat victimised during the first week of proceedings.

After being refused the right to use evidence which they believe was vital to the case, the Samsung lawyers persistence in changing the mind of the courtroom led to numerous sanctions and an Apple call for a quick judgement in their favour.

While Techday is no law expert, the public airings coming from the California courtroom show two sides fiercely determined to prove their innocence and subsequent dominance of the smartphone market.

Judge Koh faces the unenviable task of keeping tempers in check while determining the which side should prevail in potentially the biggest patent case in the industry. A big call I agree but the ramifications of whatever result is given could be hard-hitting for the unlucky loser.

On the topic of smartphones, a newsworthy item indeed this week, MasterCard revealed Kiwi's increasing desire to use their mobiles for payments - raising debates about a cashless society.

There is nothing new in this respect but the speed at which the transition could come is of increased interest with Australia following similar patterns among younger generation users.

The connection to Australia doesn't end there, however. Pacific Fibre announced the closure of its fibre project - aimed at connecting Auckland, Sydney and Los Angeles.

After failing to raise the funds the company ceased operations, leading to calls from the Labour Party about the viability of such plans in the future.

On a more positive note, Google has acquired Kiwi-founded social media advertisers Wildfire this week - acknowledging the formidable journey from South Island snowboarding website to global company in only four years.

Founded in 2008, Kiwi Victoria Ransom and business partner Alain Chuard set-up the company to help advertise their New Zealand travel firm, with the startup quickly evolving into advertising social media specialists.

Yet as one social media specialist excels, other struggle with chaos in the opening days of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

After excited fans texted and tweeted messages of support for athletes during Saturday's cycling around the streets of the capital, Olympic chiefs politely warned against such moves as the huge increase in activity caused TV signals to falter meaning a loss of coverage from the GPS tracker attached to athletes.

Thankfully no further problems have occurred but with one week remaining, a Kiwi gold in the bag and Usain Bolt yet to even race - maybe Twitter and co will be agonising yet again.

That was the week and I shall see you the same time next time for a revamped Weekender - enjoy your weekend.

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