The TechDay Weekender - Feb 5th 2011

05 Feb 11

A lot can happen in five days on the internet, which is why we’ve decided to whip up a quick recap of last week’s biggest new stories to keep you in the loop.

The week got off to a good start with word that mobile company 2degrees is about to create 80 new jobs in Christchurch by opening a new contact centre in the CBD later this year. Chief Executive Eric Hertz said that the firm needed the extra contact centre to cope with business growth.

Skype 5 for Mac came out of beta at last but there still seems to be some serious issues the developers have overlooked. Twitter was soon brimming post after post of unhappy users, begging Skype to get its act together.

Following political unrest in Egypt this week, Vodafone was forced to close its Egyptian call centre and boost staff counts in its Auckland bases. The telco also advised its roaming customers to return to New Zealand as soon as possible.

Sticking with Egypt, Google launched speak-to-tweet, which lets people in Egypt send Twitter messages even in the face of massive disruption to the internet. Users dial a number and leave a voicemail, which is then tweeted as a message using the hashtag ‘#egypt’. The clever part is that no internet connection is required.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has said that the white iPhone 4 will ship soon. Apparently flash photography on the white model looked as if the pictures had been "taken through cellophane" because of light leaking through the white-painted glass.

Android was crowned the world's leading smartphone after a survey reported that shipments of Android-based devices reached 32.9 million in Q4 last year, while devices running Nokia’s Symbian came in at 31.0 million worldwide.

Google says that it caught Microsoft’s Bing search engine cheating, by copying its results and displaying them as its own, after running a sting operation.

News that Trade Me plans to raise its success fees on February 7th for the first time since 2008 cause quite a stir. After you’ve finished reading the story, be sure to have your own say in the comments.

After a short delay, Rupert Murdoch's digital project The Daily finally launched this week in the US iTunes store. A yearly subscription costs US$39.99 but there’s also an option for a fortnightly sub for US$0.99. New Zealanders can look but they can’t touch. Thankfully though all the content has been gathered together and indexed online.

Speaking of leaks, the first commercial for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play - commonly referred to as the "PlayStation Phone" - leaked onto the internet. Norwegian Android website DroidNYTT stumbling across it on YouTube.

And according to a new study of how smartphone users interact with the applications they download, 26% never give the app a second chance. It’s not as bad as it sounds though as 74% of new customers go on to use your app more than once, which is a good thing.

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