FutureFive NZ - The Techday Weekender - Jul 23rd 2011

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The Techday Weekender - Jul 23rd 2011

Apple dominated the tech news this week, announcing record profits, launching its new operating system, OS X Lion, and unveiling a host of new models. Suffice to say, the profits were big, Lion was a hit, and the new models looked sharper than a pointed stick in a three-piece suit.

In fact, with all the palaver you’d be forgiven for missing the profit announcement from another wee tech firm, Microsoft.  They’re also raking it in, although their announcement did draw attention to one weak spot.

In local news, a furor erupted this week as an Auckland school announced that year 9 students would be required to bring personal computing devices to school starting next year. The problem stemmed from the school recommending the iPad 2 as the ideal device, leading to a flood of fretting about equal-opportunity education. Anyone who took the time to look at the school’s website would have seen that the expensive iPad 2 was only the recommended option, and students could bring anything from that down to a $100 second-hand notebook.


A new entry into the telecommunications market threatened to shake things up – depending on who you talk to – as Orcon released its Genius VoIP home phone. The device allows users to place calls directly over the internet, while still keeping their traditional home number. Orcon said it would revolutionise the market. The public questioned the pricing structure, and the reliability of Orcon’s service. We’ll let you be the judge.

In gaming news, we reviewed the Beta version of ThatGameCompany’s new art game, Journey – although old-school gamers will likely be much more excited about the impending release of Nintendo 64 classic GoldenEye 007 on Xbox 360 and PS3.

Finally, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs released a warning through its Scamwatch programme about a scam network running a computer virus con. The scammers call members of the public claiming to be computer technicians and saying they have discovered a virus on the person’s computer. Fair Go ran a story on the scam in June, but apparently the scammers are still in operation, which suggests the message isn’t getting through. The solution, according to Scamwatch? "Tell everyone you know about this scam. Share it with your friends, tweet it, write a letter to your grandparents.”

Something to do this weekend, then. See you Monday!

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