FutureFive NZ - The Techday Weekender - Jul 2nd 2011

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The Techday Weekender - Jul 2nd 2011

Two big technology manufacturers gave us a glimpse of what the future holds this week. Alcatel-Lucent unveiled its new FP3 processor, which is capable of carrying a staggering 400GBps, or around four times the current industry standard. The company says this is enough to sustain 70,000 simultaneous High-Definition video streams, or 8.4 million retail cloud sessions.

Meanwhile, in the wireless technology field, Ericsson showed off its LTE Advanced, which can handle up to 1GBps, which is ten times what today’s technology can manage.  Ericsson expects to launch LTE Advanced commercially in 2013, while Alcatel-Lucent says the FP3 could be in use as early as next year.

In other news, Telecom has announced the shut-down date for its CDMA network. The old network will be closed on July 31 next year, giving the company thirteen months to move as many of its customers who remain on CDMA to its new XT network, opened in 2009.

Another New Zealand business giant, Air New Zealand, announced this week it has signed a ten-year contract with IBM. The deal comes after an IBM malfunction in 2009 which caused Air New Zealand CEO Rob Fyfe to share some harsh words about IBM around the company’s internal email network. Apparently all is forgiven.

In green news, Kiwibank announced the results of implementing an automatic shutdown service to make sure employees’ PCs weren’t being left on at night and on weekends. The bank says it has saved over $20,000 in power bills, and 32 tonnes off its carbon footprint. The move came as industry analyst Gartner released a report pointing out that while many IT departments are sourcing their cloud computing services overseas, from a green perspective it would be better to go with kiwi providers, as power for heating and cooling makes up a substantial portion of the cost of cloud computing and our power is mostly carbon-neutral.

In international news, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s personal value was re-assessed this week, with estimates putting his fortune at a whopping US$18 billion. That places him in third place in the technology tycoon rankings, ahead of Apple’s Steve Jobs and Google founders Sergey Bin and Larry Page, but still behind Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Oracle’s Larry Ellison.

Hopefully that puts your weekend in perspective! We'll see you Monday.

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