The TechDay Weekender - Jun 25th 2011

25 Jun 11

There were big moves in the rollout of Ultra-Fast Broadband both here and in Australia this week. The National government passed its Telecommunications (TSO, Broadband and Other Matters) Amendment Bill on Thursday night, paving the way for the rollout of a UFB network and the splitting of Telecom from its network arm, Chorus. Meanwhile, across the ditch, the Australian government has signed agreements with the country's two major Telecommunications companies, Telstra and Optus, in another big move towards a UFB rollout.

In other government news, the IRD re-thought a decision on business software, meaning businesses will continue to be able to claim tax deductions on failed software developments. The department had previously ruled that in some circumstances failed software projects could not be treated as a business expense. The decision was welcomed by the IT industry as allowing businesses to feel confident about investing in IT.

Speaking of business, a business analysis company forecast huge growth for the IT industry in the Asia-Pacific region, predicting the sector will 'burst into life' as the world emerges from the Global Economic Crisis.

In security, AVG released a report saying the use of 'trusted malware' by hackers was on the rise. The security software company says it has noticed hackers sneaking malicious software past security programs by acquiring digital signatures, in a process described as 'stealing the key rather than breaking the window'.

On the subject of hacking, an arrest was made in relation to the highly publicised LulzSec hacking cases. A 19-year old was arrested in England, but LulzSec was quick to suggest the person was not an integral part of its operation.

Finally, in gaming news, Techday secured an interview with the developer of the new Magic: The Gathering sequel, Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012, providing some insight into the new game as it was released to eager fans.

Enjoy your weekend!

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