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The TechDay Weekender - Mar 19th 2011

19 Mar 2011

Last week’s new pages were mostly filled with the devastating events of another earthquake, this time in Japan. And the knock-on effects of those horrific moments were quickly felt across the world of tech.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs sent a personal email to all his Japanese employees while the firm’s store in the city of Sendai, where the tsunami hit, has been closed and the iPad 2 launch has been delayed.

There’s also been talk of component shortages hitting the production of iPad 2.

Here in New Zealand, our major telecommunications companies have all given their customers free minutes or credits if they called Japan over the last week.

While the recovery effort continues in Christchurch, Vodafone has taken the step to appoint a Christchurch Recovery Director in the form of ex-Vodafone Australia CEO, Russell Hewitt.

Back to the tech and this week saw Microsoft finally give in to the iPod and can all new versions of its Zune music and video player to focus on Zune software instead. Did Steve Ballmer really think it would eat into Apple’s market share?

After being available in Australia and Europe for a number of years, TravelSIM's cheaper mobile roaming services have now gone live in New Zealand. The service isn’t afraid of stirring up a bit of competition in New Zealand’s telco market either.

Also launching this week is Treat Me, which parent company Trade Me describes as a stand-alone group-buying site that will "initially” offer discounted deals in Auckland and Wellington. The site is a response to the growing popularity of other group-buying sites such as Groupy and Spreets. It’s a market Trade Me wants a piece of.

Just in case you missed it (because Microsoft didn’t really make a song and dance about it in New Zealand) Microsoft polished up its Internet Explorer 9 beta and released the final version into the wild for the public for download. Have you taken the plunge yet?

Sticking with the 'soft, Blackberry maker RIM has signed a deal with Microsoft that gives RIM access to Microsoft’s servers and software to offer its clients cloud-based storage solutions.

And if you’re a Halo fan, you might like to take a look out Game Console’s review of the latest Halo map pack.

That's it. You're up to speed. See you bright and early, Monday morning.

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Chorus says the clock's ticking if you want UFB before the Rugby World Cup
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