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The TechDay Weekender - May 7th 2011

07 May 11

Wow, what a week. Terrorists and tornadoes got the big headlines, but things in the tech world didn't exactly slow down any for it.

Of course, Monday afternoon brought news of Osama bin Laden's death at the hands of US Navy SEALs on a top-secret mission. The news broke on twitter and spread through the rest of social media - and the world - within minutes. Later news revealed President Obama was, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, able to watch the raid live from the comfort of the White House situation room.

Obama watches the raid on bin Laden's compound live - already one of the most-viewed pics on Flickr

In less-gripping but frustrating news, Sony's PlayStation Network outage continued, despite its pledge to begin restoration phasing in some services over the week. The bad news kept coming, with estimates of the numbers of stolen account data continuing to rise along with speculation on the theft of credit card data. Finally, at the end of the week, Sony CEO Howard Stringer addressed the outage - but the saga continues.

On Thursday, news that the Commerce Commission was flexing its regulatory muscles with an imposed price cut on mobile termination rates providers can charge each other - and therefore also the consumer - elicited a strong reaction from Vodafone, which called the cuts "extreme". 2degrees outright welcomed the news while Telecom - who came under fire the day before for overvaluing assets - was more reserved in its support but TelstraClear jumped the gun and lowered prices for its customers the next day.

Speaking of TelstraClear, they've been outspoken against the particulars of the government's UFB plan - and they're not the only ones with a bone to pick about it. This week's FibreWatch discusses how Labour missed an opportunity to take National to task for its handling of the matter.

Meanwhile in the Northern Hemisphere, Microsoft and BlackBerry-maker RIM made news for a partnership that many see as a blatant challenge to the search supremacy of Google. Apple refreshed its line of iMacs, complete with Thunderbolt ports that seem to have a lot of people excited. It wasn't all good news though, as the first malware written specifically to target the Mac OS made its appearance in poisoned search results.

In news from The Channel, we chatted with Vaughan Nankivell, GM corporate and enterprise for Simms, to see how the business is going one year-ish after launching.

At Game Console, Chris Leggett writes in an editorial that a 100% digital distribution future for games might have pitfalls for more than a few gamers.

Bits and bobs:

  • Yoobee closes doors in New Plymouth, on the search for new location.

  • We review Portal 2 - the must-buy game of the year.

  • Your chance to win six months of business service with VOIP provider 2talk.

  • Don't forget to enter your picks for the NetGuide People's Choice Web Awards!

  • Datastor sets up Christchurch relief fund.

  • New Nintendo Ocarina of Time trailer.

Photo credit: The White House via Flickr.