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The top 10 celebrity fails of this decade

Mon 1 Aug 2011
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Captured on camera and posted across the internet for our viewing enjoyment!

10) Jennifer Lopez insures her butt for one billion dollars. Talk about an ego trip...

9) Jessica Simpson doesn’t know the difference between chicken and fish. If you can believe it, this comment actually made her MORE famous. Tom Cruise goes crazy on Oprah. Even the seasoned talk show host seems taken aback! 

8) On that note... Tyra Banks goes crazy over Vaseline? 

6) Justin Timberlake exposes Janet Jackson on live TV during the Super Bowl halftime show! 

5) Britney Spears drives with her baby on her lap, using the excuse that she was only trying to "protect” him from the paparazzi. How about protecting him from a fatal car crash, Brit? 

4) And Michael Jackson dangles his baby over a hotel balcony...

3) Winona Ryder shop-lifts an estimated $4,760 worth of merchandise from Saks Fifth Avenue, blaming it on "confusion” from the medication she was taking at the time.

2) Amy Winehouse assaults her fans. Might be time you did think about heading for rehab, Amy... 

1) Charlie Sheen is "bi-winning”, has "tiger blood” and is a "total b*tchin’ rock star from Mars”.

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