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This man wants to kill your PC...

26 Jul 2013

Ever taken a look inside the super-secret Microsoft Reliability Lab? You know, the place where folks are paid to break things.

They’re all smiles about it however because what could be more fun that smashing top of the range tech devices for a living?

Well actually, according to these guys, the happiness comes from knowing the end result is a "sturdier, stronger and more resilient product for customers."

Yeah right.

"In this modern-day dungeon, each room holds a different kind of torture for devices, which undergo dozens of tests," says Pamela Woon, editor of 'On the Whiteboard', a Microsoft micro documentary series.

"It could be extreme temperatures or being dropped from different heights – all to test how much abuse the devices can take and still be functional.

"The Surface tablet is one of the latest victims, with hundreds coming off the production line for the specific purpose of sacrifice for the greater good."

While the lab has handled mice, keyboards, headsets, webcams and Xbox consoles, the Surface tablet was Microsoft’s first PC tablet, so they put it through the ringer.

It went under water, endured egg-frying heat, and was subjected to countless drops according to Woon. Its buttons were pushed millions of times, and its kickstand was flipped open and shut again and again.

"Next time you use your Surface, don’t fret if you snap that kickstand with a little gusto," reminds Woon. "It’s gone through a lot worse."

Check out the stress test video below:

How effective are stress tests? Tell us your thoughts below

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