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TikTok trends reveal top voice assistant hacks for optimal use
Tue, 6th Feb 2024

In light of recent surge in searches for voice assistant tricks by as much as 304%, tech savants at FatJoe have gathered some of the most popular voice assistant hacks circulating TikTok to enhance your digital experience. With the rise of voice assistant tips, tricks and advice on TikTok, hashtags such as #AlexaHack, #SiriHack have jumped more than 28 places into the top 50 tech hashtags on this platform.

One of the most viewed discoveries, with 1.1M TikTok views, is that Siri does much more than answer your quirky questions - it can also tell you where you parked your car. As demonstrated by TikTok user Faisal (BD i-tech), you simply ask Siri to remember where the car is parked, and later when you ask for directions to your car, Siri provides walking directions to your car’s location via the Apple maps feature.

Another hack, showcased by TikTok creator Braylea Smith, allows you to remove ad and notification pop-ups from your Amazon Echo show, making your device's display more visually pleasing. This involves going to settings, selecting home content and turning off all options aside from photo highlights. As a result, your device will show photos that blend well with the look and feel of your room.

Hidden features of Amazon Alexa are also getting traction, such as the Whisper Mode. Showcased by TikTok creator Moomba Tech, by enabling Adaptive Volume and Whisper Mode, you can whisper instructions to your Alexa device, and it will respond in a whispered tone - a useful feature for those wishing to use their device without causing a disturbance.

Popular among hands-free iPhone or iPad users, another hack enables Siri to screenshot and send captured media. Simply ask Siri to screenshot and send a selected media to a specific contact, and Siri executes the task swiftly, perfect for moments when hands are occupied.

An ingenious usage for a Google Nest was shared by TikTok user southwestrdrc, where Google Translate software was used in real-time, turning the device into a translator. Simply instruct your Nest to act like a German interpreter (or any other chosen language), and it will begin translating spoken language instantly.

Kathleen from Mississippi, another TikTok creator, demonstrated a useful trick for iPhone users looking to easily locate specific photos from vast camera albums. By asking Siri to show photos from a specific location or time, you can jump directly to those photos, saving significant scrolling time.

Lastly, helpful to those prone to misplacing items, Google Assistant can be asked to remember where you last placed things, as demonstrated by Indonesian TikToker Sungguh Penasaran. Handy even if you don't need the item until months later!

Joe Davies, a tech expert at FatJoe, notes: "All smart devices and voice assistants have many clever features and hacks to help with day-to-day tasks and unlock your devices full potential. Creators on TikTok are educating users on many of these hidden hacks that have existed on our devices for a while, and it's worth a search to make sure you're getting the most use out of your smart home assistants."