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Tim Cook : 99.1% not out

Apple are working on host of new product categories in a bid to increase it's share price, but maybe Tim Cook shouldn't bother as he's loved by all, well nearly.

During the company's annual shareholder's meeting at its Cupertino HQ, Cook gained his biggest vote of confidence yet as Apple CEO, bagging a whopping 99.1% approval rate from investors.

Ignoring the 0.9% of haters, if that even equates to a person, Cook spoke about Apple's plans to throw themselves into a new line of product categories, rumoured to be in the TV or iWatch market.

As with anything, the slightest sniff of speculation is usually turned into a full-blown factual article - and this story bares no difference.

Tech media outlets say Apple currently has a team of over 100 designers and engineers working on the iWatch, while long-term industry friend* Samsung is also preparing something similar.

With the company seemingly comfortable under Cook, shareholders appear happy to wait for stock to rise, displaying strong faith in the man tasked with replacing the charismatic Steve Jobs.

While the personalities of both remain black and white, the vision for the company seems parallel. But visions are one thing, implementing them is another.

And what shareholders no doubt noted in the build-up to this conference is Cook's ability to change the perception of Apple.

France Telecom-Orange CEO Stephane Richard believes the company has become “less arrogant” to work with since Cook took charge.

Being nice and chummy doesn't bring sales, but it makes life a damn lot easier in an ever-growing industry fighting for customers.

Nobody yet knows for certain what Apple is planning, but the one thing for sure is whichever battle it heads into, Cook will be riding in first, headstrong and capable.

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