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Time for an Apple iWatch?

11 Feb 2013

Apple is allegedly experimenting with a smartphone style watch, believed to be called the iWatch.

Despite many rumours circulating each day around the Cupertino-based company's next move in the industry, this one from The New York Times appears to have more credence.

Journalist Nick Bilton says the company is currently in the preliminary stages of developing a wearable computer for the wrist, allegedly made with curved glass.

The wristwatch-like devices are expected to operate on Apple's iOS platform, but as with any release rumours, the company remained coy and refused to comment.

One person briefed on the project claims Apple discussed the plans with its manufacturing partner Foxconn, who are apparently working on wearable technological products.

Former Apple employee Bruce Tognazzini added further credibility to the rumours, blogging:

"The iWatch will fill a gaping hole in the Apple ecosystem.

"It will facilitate and coordinate not only the activities of all the other computers and devices we use, but a wide array of devices to come.

"Like other breakthrough Apple products, its value will be underestimated at launch, then grow to have a profound impact on our lives and Apple’s fortunes."

To read Toganazzin's blog post, click here

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