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Titan Quest Gold Edition

Platforms: PC
Publisher: THQ
Developer: Iron Lore Entertainment
Rating: M (Moderate Violence)
Players: Single player or Multiplayer via LAN or Internet
Website:  www.titanquestgame.com

Good RPG games are few and far between. With MMORPG’s almost taking over this genre, are there any good RPG games left that haven’t been cloned from something else? Well, before playing Titan Quest Gold Edition, we would probably have answered “no” to that question. Titan Quest definitely shares elements of similar games in the genre but all in all, comes out on top as a game that is both fun and entertaining.

Graphically, Titan Quest looks a whole lot like Age of Empires mixed in with Diablo. The level of detail is great right down to the ripples in the water and the bulging muscles of your hero (or heroine). Although the models are more robust-looking than models in other RPG games I have played, the animation used in the game is distinct and sets it apart from the waif-like models you seem to get in almost every other RPG out there.

Character creation is simple and straightforward. No dilly-dallying around with eyebrow shape or skin colour. Once you’ve decided what gender you want to play, you’re quickly transported to the starting town of Helos. Since the name of the game is ‘Titan Quest’ you can expect lots of hack and slash action against all sorts of beasts; everything from the undead to harpies and centaurs. The list of beasts is a mile long so there’s plenty of variation in what you’re killing. Looting is also pretty straightforward – you kill something, it usually drops something. If you kill something big (like a ‘glowing’ mob or three) you might even pick up something nice enough to wear or even sell. Titan Quest is old school hack and slash fun at its best with a flavour taken directly from Ancient Greece.

The skill points you obtain seem to add up rather erratically and if you’re not careful, you’ll get so carried away with the game that you’ll forget to assign your points! As with every RPG there are different ‘paths’ that your character may choose to follow. You can remain a warrior type and live purely for the fight and the kill, or you can choose to follow a different path - perhaps as a magic user, hunter or a character that utilises both fighting and magic. The good thing about choosing your ‘Mastery’ is that you get to choose two; a primary and secondary mastery skill. Once you have decided on what you wish to do, you can then start allocating points as you progress through the game.

Ultimately, your ‘Mastery’ choices will shape the game for you. If you choose to be a pure magic user who doesn’t use weapons, you may find the way more difficult and perhaps a little too challenging as a single player. As a member of a group however, different abilities always balance each other out. Transport in the game is by way of ‘Port’ stone. You can summon a portal anywhere in the game to teleport back to any number of cities you pass or visit during your adventures.

Trading is also an essential part of any RPG and is therefore an important factor in Titan Quest. In your starting city you have access to a trader, and as you progress you will be able to ‘port to other cities that have different traders. You will need to trade to have money so you can upgrade weapons but most importantly, so you can buy potions.

The quest system in Titan Quest Gold Edition is a little disjointed in places. Although the mini-map helps you to get your character from A to B, unless you’re really into the questing, you’re more than likely going to overlook a lot of the quests when you’re ‘porting from city to city. The best fun really is levelling up and kicking butt but ploughing through mobs is ultimately what this game is designed for. However, if you do enjoy questing, the decision is yours to make which gives the game added flexibility.

Titan Quest Gold Edition gives you the best of everything – you get the Gold Edition release of Titan Quest as well as an opportunity to adventure to the depths of the ‘Underworld’ and the domain of Hades himself in the Titan Quest expansion, Immortal Throne. Immortal Throne is an expansion in every sense of the word with new levels to explore, new beasts to kill, new quests and new heroes. The level cap has been lifted to allow for your now battle-hardened adventurer to take on new challenges and expand on your skills and abilities. Immortal Throne allows for all of this and more and is a great addition to the franchise.

Titan Quest Gold Edition is not necessarily a breath of fresh air but instead is a solid game that has adapted with the RPG genre to become a game with substance and the ability to keep you entertained. Every hack and slash game is repetitive and Titan Quest Gold Edition doesn’t ignore this; instead it manages to hold its own well enough
to be an enjoyment to play.

•  This is the game for hacking and slashing with countless foes and a barrage of loot and treasure
•  Realistic animation helps to make the characters in the game more believable
•  The Quest system could be a little more expansive

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