01 Nov 2011
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Top 6 Most ridiculous autotuned songs on the internet

Auto-tune is the newest weapon in the music producer’s arsenal, giving him or her the ability to do everything from subtly correcting slight pitch discrepancies in vocal tracks to creating wild and distinctive vocal effects. Not only that, but it gives bedroom remixers the ability to turn just about any audio input into a workable song. It’s that power that has led to the rise of the Auto-tuned remix phenomenon – whereby would-be DJs create remixes of just about anything you can imagine. The results are usually musical, sometimes ear-splitting, but nearly always hilarious.Here are the top six Auto-tuned clips out there right now, according to NetGuide:6. DUDE, YOU HAVE NO KORANWhen Amarillo resident Jacob Isom learned that fundamentalist Christians were planning to burn a copy of the Koran in a public park, he decided to take matters, and the aforementioned book, into his own hands.Koran burning fail, Auto-tune win!THE ORIGINAL: tinyurl.com/nokoranoriginalTHE REMIX: tinyurl.com/nokoranremix"Snuck up behind him and took his Koran. He said something about burning the Koran and I was like ‘Dude, you HAVE no Koran’ and ran off”.5. SLAP CHOPThe Slap Chop infomercial offers you the ability to "slap your troubles away with a Slap Chop”. While increasing chopping speed may not cure all ills, there’s something hilarious (not to mention pretty groovy) about this remix of a classic hard-sell.THE ORIGINAL: tinyurl.com/slapchoporiginalTHE REMIX: tinyurl.com/slapchopremixTHE BEST LINE: "Stop having a boring tuna. Stop having a boring life.”4. CARL SAGAN’S COSMOS (FEAT. STEPHEN HAWKING)American astronomer and cosmologist Carl Sagan did much to popularise astronomy in the 1980s with his combination of superior intellect and wide-eyed awe. His popular television show, Cosmos: A Personal Journey, forms the basis of this strange, and strangely beautiful, remix.THE ORIGINAL: tinyurl.com/carlsaganoriginalTHE REMIX: tinyurl.com/carlsaganremixTHE BEST LINE: "If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch you must first invent the universe.”3. OPRAH GIVES AWAY A TRIP:Oprah is as well known for her big giveaway surprises as she is for her philanthropy these days. Here she gives away a trip to Australia to every member of her studio audience, and her strange vocalisations make for auto-tuned magic.THE ORIGINAL: tinyurl.com/oprahtoozoriginalTHE REMIX: tinyurl.com/oprahtoozremixTHE BEST LINE: "With Captain Travolta. With Captain Travolta!”2. BED INTRUDER SONGAntoine Dodson was so outraged at an intruder who broke into his home and attacked his sister that he unleashed a one-of-a-kind tirade against the perpetrator that was caught on camera by the local news crew.The clip, later remixed by the Gregory Brothers, went viral, and in the process, made Antoine and his sister rich enough to move out of the projects, and make Antoine’s diss one of the biggest memes of 2010.THE ORIGINAL: tinyurl.com/wegoinfindyouoriginalTHE REMIX: tinyurl.com/wegoinfindyouremixTHE BEST LINE: "Run and tell that, homeboy.”1. DOUBLE RAINBOW (ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE SKY)This guy’s enthusiasm for a simple rainbow made him an overnight internet sensation. His awe at the majestic beauty of a rainbow outside his door made him the target of scorn for some, and new-age guru for others. Either way, those certainly seem like real tears that he’s crying, which just makes this Auto-tuned hit all the cooler.THE ORIGINAL: tinyurl.com/doubleraindoworiginalTHE REMIX: tinyurl.com/doubleraindowremixTHE BEST LINE: "What does this mean?!”

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