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Touch Hockey

20 Oct 2008

Touch Hockey is a fun game of air hockey right on your iPhone.

Touch Hockey puts action-packed hockey in your pocket, ready to let you challenge the computer or friends. Whether you’re looking for a quick diversion for yourself, your kids, or as a fantastic ice-breaker, the magic of multi-touch brings 2-player arcade fun with you wherever you are.Balance gameplay between players by simply picking the appropriate goal size. If you think you’re good enough, choose the widest goal to defend. For kids or less experienced players, choose a narrow goal instead. The high-speed puck floats on a cushion of ‘touch’ and is tethered directly to your iPhone or iPod, so you won’t ever have to worry about broken fans or missing pucks, though you may need threats to get it back again.Fully accurate arcade physics, top-notch graphics and great sounds round out the package. Whatever happens, remember your sportsmanship and that there’s always next time!