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Trade Me posts recruitment series

Trade Me isn't just an online auction site, it's also a great recruitment resource. Chances are you've browsed the job section of Trade Me more than just a few times during your lunch break. And along with Seek, it's one of the most popular online destinations for people not only looking a new job but also a new career.

Take voting in the 2010 NetGuide Web Awards as an example. At time of writing Seek was leading the race in the Best Employment Site category. But there are only a few hundred votes in it. The nation is currently undecided, so make sure you have your say.

Trade Me has recently released an online series called ‘On The Job’ that follows four Kiwis as they attempt to find new jobs. “Welcome to the online series that follows four kiwis as they hunt for jobs with the help of us at Trade Me Jobs and our team of experts. We're all on the job helping them get a job. Give them your support and pick up some great tips along the way,” says the site.

In total there are six episodes in the series and each one focuses on a specific area of the job hunt. The four individuals come from very different backgrounds and have equally different goals in mind.

On The Job is presented as a series, so make sure you watch the episodes in order. And you might want to keep a pen handy, just in case you find that any of the advice applies to you. There are tips on presenting your CV, what information to include on it, how to dress for your first interview and how to impress a potential boss.

Watch the series here.

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