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Traditional gifts top Trade Me Xmas searches
Mon, 7th Dec 2009
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Kiwis are going back to basics this year with trampolines, tents, barbeques, and bikes among the most searched items on Trade Me as New Zealanders head into Christmas.“`It’s been a tough year, and New Zealanders seem to be reconnecting with the things that make us uniquely Kiwi,”’ said Daniel Bridges, Trade Me Spokesperson.The latest fads and fashions haven’t entirely passed New Zealand by, with the current Pandora jewellery trend and the Twilight sensation being notable additions to the list.iPhones, iPods, and their accessories, have also become entrenched as favourites on the site. This is the second year iPods have made the top 10.Dogs and puppies continue to feature on the Christmas list, with a surprise addition of horses. “`People should think carefully before giving a dog or cat as a gift for Christmas, and ensure that the recipients really want the pet, and are well equipped to look after it,’’ said Bridges.With approximately half the items for sale on Trade Me being brand new, the site experiences a pre-Christmas boom every year. Over two million people browsed Trade Me last week (based on unique browsers week ending November 29th 2009 Nielsen Online), which is up from 1.6 million last year, and is expected to grow further as the site approaches the last two shopping weeks before Christmas.The search figures are as follows:

Rank Item 1 Dogs / Puppies 2 iPhone / iPod 3 Horses 4 Trampoline 5 Lego 6 Twilight 7 Pandora 8 Tents 9 BBQ 10 Bikes