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Travellers rejoice, Aussies launch ‘pop-up’ check-in service
Tue, 19th Sep 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

For many travellers, the airline check-in process at an airport is one of the most time-intensive and frustrating parts of their journey.

The strain on airports will continue to increase in the coming years with the Airports Council International (ACI) predicting that global passenger traffic will grow 5.2% per annum until 2029.

To combat this problem and help airports better manage capacity, travel technology company Amadeus and Off-Airport Check-In Solutions (OACIS) have joined forces to reinvent the check-in experience, enabling travellers to check-in and drop off their bags, for any airline, away from the airport.

With the power of Amadeus' airport common use service (ACUS) cloud technology, OACIS can quickly provide travellers with an off-airport, fully mobile check-in service that can be set up at any location.

Whether it be a cruise terminal, hotel, train station, or a major conference or event, OACIS  checks-in the traveller and their luggage, securely transports their bags to the airport and injects them directly into the airport baggage system.

Matthew Lee, OACIS CEO says, “Our service is about giving people more freedom, flexibility and fun so they get the most out of their travel.

“Travellers can drop off their bags at a convenient location, make the most of their day luggage-free, breeze through the airport without having to queue at the check-in desk, and enjoy their flight knowing their bags will be ready for them at their destination.

“To do this, we needed the right partner, and Amadeus fit the bill, they were open to working with innovative, disruptive new players, and we were impressed by their agility which has allowed us to launch so quickly.

To deliver the off-airport check-in service, OACIS is using Amadeus ACUS, which allows airline passenger processing systems to be accessed from anywhere, on demand.

With ACUS, OACIS can access any airline's check-in systems in the cloud with just a laptop and internet connectivity.

Virgin Australia is the first airline to adopt the service and has already piloted it in Sydney for cruise ships and ocean liners.

As well as servicing different locations, OACIS can also service big groups travelling together. Sarah Samuel, Asia Pacific head of airport IT sales says, “In the past, airlines and airports have been constrained by low innovation and legacy technology, but our cutting-edge cloud technology is enabling new business models and opportunities, such as OACIS.

“By collaborating with innovators, we are transforming the travel experience.

“Through this partnership, airlines are no longer restricted in the way they manage passenger flow.

The service is launching in Australia, but OACIS is planning to expand to New Zealand and other markets in the next 12 to 18 months.

OACIS is an Australian company founded by a team with experience across aviation, airport security, technology and innovation.