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Tron Coming To Xbox Live Arcade

Tron will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade. A perfect re-creation of the original game based on the pioneering computer animated Walt Disney Pictures’ 1982 feature film. Featuring the familiar gameplay from the original, you will do battle as the mighty warrior Tron against the insidious Master Control Program and his ruthless right-hand man, Sark.

Tron offers a four-part retro-futuristic test of skills, including racing light cycles, battling Sark’s tanks, fighting to enter the MCP cone and dodging grid bugs. Tron offers both the original arcade game and an enhanced version with new graphics, improved sound and two-person multiplayer. Plus, the Xbox LIVE Arcade version is the first version of Tron with two-person multi-player functionality of co-op and versus.

The game is available for download now (from January, 2008) from the marketplace for 400 Microsoft Points.

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