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True Crime: New York City

In this sequel to True Crime, players fill the dirty boots of a rogue street cop named Marcus Reed, an ex-criminal with his own unique violent attitude towards authority. The story starts with Marcus’ mentor being murdered in cold blood and a solo act of vengeance begins with Marcus bent on cleaning up the streets of Manhattan, Harlem to Chinatown neighbourhoods. As you play through various undercover investigations and weaving through a murderous web of gangs and deceit – your actions as a cop alter the environment around you and give you a path to being a lawful police cop, or a corrupt thug with a badge (each with their own pros and cons).

Graphically - True Crime is at the top of its game allowing players to navigate the streets of New York down to the finest details, complete with subways, interiors, internationally recognised landmarks, GPS-accurate streets and real neighbourhoods from Hell’s Kitchen to Times Square. Many people have compared True Crime: NYC to the infamous GTA series, however True Crime will have a much heightened combat system where the environment can be used as a weapon (stove tops, freezer doors, etc) and players can switch fighting styles– from street fighting to various types of martial arts – on the fly.

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