FutureFive NZ - Twitch to ban PS4 users who do not stream gaming content

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Twitch to ban PS4 users who do not stream gaming content

With the option for PS4 users to stream their gameplay directly to Twitch TV becoming a popular option since the release of the console in the United States, just make sure that your streams are related to gaming otherwise you will be banned.

Some users have begun receiving ban notifications for streaming the PS4 Playroom. For the uninitiated the Playroom uses the PS4 camera to turn your living room into a playroom using augmented reality games.

Although it seems that some gamers have decided to not play games and instead using their cameras to capture X-rated content, according to Original Gamer.

Just in case you were wondering, X-rated or adult content is against Twitch’s terms of use, along with anything that is not game related:



It appears that talking about games or games related content is still OK though;


What do you think about gamers using their cameras to perform adult content? Tell us your thoughts below

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