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Twitpic launches free iPhone app

08 May 2012

Twitpic, the website that first allowed users to share photos on Twitter when it was launched in 2008, has released its own free iPhone app, and promised an Android equivalent next month. 

It’s an interesting move from Twitpic, which already powers photo sharing in apps like Tweetdeck via its own API.

Like Instagram, the TwitPic app lets users edit photos and add filters before posting them. Users can also view their Twitter photo timeline, and browse photos from the most popular Twitpic users.

In 2011, Twitter enabled photo sharing natively via a partnership with Photobucket, but Twitpic still claims more than 35 million users.

Instagram, which was purchased by Facebook last month for US$1 billion, claims to have 50 million users.

Go here to download the Twitpic iPhone app.