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Twitter's about to let you stick 'creativity' on your photos

28 Jun 16

You may have noticed that Twitter is not just a pure-text microblogging site anymore. In fact, it's becoming more like Facebook and Snapchat by the day, as the company today announced the arrival of stickers to 'add creativity' to your Twitter photos.

The Twitter blog announced that the 'rotating sets' of stickers will include accessories, emojis and props to brighten up photos, share your mood or support a cause. 

Twitter says that the stickers will be resizeable, rotatable and you can use many stickers on one photo so you can turn your photo into a sticker-covered collage, if that's your thing.

What's more, when you include a sticker-covered photo, the photo will be searchable in what's the visual equivalent of a hashtag. Tapping on a sticker will bring up a new timeline that shows how other tweeters are using the exact same sticker.

The feature will be rolled out to iOS and Android users in the next few weeks, but desktop users will be left out in the cold, as they will only be able to view and click stickers through its website.

Last month Twitter also announced that photos, links and @ replies will soon no longer count towards your 140-character limit over the coming months, as well as the ability to retweet yourself. 

Will these changes help the 310 million active users get all-a-Twitter about the platform again? There's probably a perfect sticker emoji for that. 

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